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CSA: Butcher Shop


Fresh, uncooked, unseasoned beef, pork, and chicken.

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Your $100 buys $110 worth (10-14lb) of fresh meats. These items will be vacuum sealed for easy storage and longer shelf life and can be easily frozen. Order and pick up at your convenience, whenever your meat supply is getting low.

The ordering deadline is always open and the pick up window is wider. Orders will be filled on a “rolling basis”–-for example, the butcher shop staff will have a list of members and will fill $110 bags on a first ordered, first filled basis. The 1st and 3rd Friday schedule will not apply to this program as members will order by email and then receive an email notice that the order is ready for pick up. Members will have 3-4 days to pick up the item. Pick-up hours will reflect Tues-Fri hours at Black Mountain and Hi Wire’s Big Top. Most home freezers that are connected to your refrigerator can hold this quantity of 10-14lb of meat. The items will be priced at our normal retail prices ranging from $7.99/lb for roasts, 8.99/lb ground meats to $8.99-$18.99/lb for chops and steaks. Other items may include things like beef tips, ground pork, “minute” steaks and the like.