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Our retail manager, Meg, is here with a seasonal farmer spotlight: Border Springs Farm. Find out more below. 

This Easter holiday, Foothills Local Meats is excited to offer our customers lamb from Border Springs Farm!

Border Springs is nestled in the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Patrick County, Virginia. Only 10 miles north of North Carolina, this award-winning farm raises Katahdin sheep, Texel sheep, and working border collies.

photo by Border Springs Farm

photo by Border Springs Farm

Katahdin sheep are a very special breed named after Mount Katahdin, the mountain that marks the end of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. Katahdin sheep have hard, black hooves that are very resistant to hoof rot, which is a huge issue in sheep production in moist, wet climates like the Southeast. They are also hair sheep, so they don’t need to be shorn in the summer, as they naturally shed with the weather, keeping their internal temperature as consistent as possible. From an agricultural standpoint, this is the best breed for this climate.

Border Springs doesn’t treat their sheep with any antibiotics or hormones, and all of their sheep live long and happy lives on pasture. Their farm also has a flock of sheep to shear for local spinners. With their commitment to conscious farming and raising happy animals, Border Springs grass-fed lamb is a product we are proud to sell.

For more information, visit Border Springs Farm online.

Sheep at Border Springs Farm

photo by Border Springs Farm