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foothills taglineHere at Foothills Local Meats, we are changing the way you buy meat.

Sourcing ONLY from local, pasture-raised farms, we believe firmly that healthy animals make healthy meat.

Our meat is raised without routine antibiotics or added hormones, always on pasture.

Foothills is a meat company specializing in local and pasture-raised meats for retail and wholesale markets. The core of our business is our food-service arm, which consists of Foothills Food Truck, open daily at Hi-Wire Brewing’s Big Top, and our Catering Division, which offers a wide range of menu options for small business meetings to weddings and events of 150 people or more. Foothills also offers custom butchery, fabrication, sausages and primal cuts for wholesale buyers and home-use. Foothills does not currently have a retail store but our products can be had weekly through our CSA Meat Share program.

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